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[Brian’s Official Coming Out Story]

Brian Coming Out
Apr 2017

Brian’s Official Coming Out Story

I was an early bloomer sexually fooling around with the neighbor boy when we were both 9-10 years old, but kept telling myself I was bisexual until I was 20 or so. I was always afraid of how my parents would react, thinking my Dad would be ok with it, and my Mother and her husband would have issues. Flash forward to about 1984 or so to Thanksgiving dinner and cards with the family including Grandmother, Mother, Brothers, Aunts & Neices. I had a rather less than masculine partner at the time, who in the excitement of the card game blurted out “Good move Baby!” Mom said after dinner, let’s go for a walk….and she basically outed me to me. Though lots of discussions and tears, I realized my fears were completely ungrounded, as everyone was very supportive. My Dad wasn’t quite as supportive as I thought, but even he came around eventually, bonding over Rays games. There were many years in my early 20’s I wish I could go back and recapture with family. My suggestion is to just go ahead and COME OUT! they probably know and it will save you a lot of grief in the end. And if at first they aren’t there for you, create your own family of supportive people and you will be just fine!



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