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[Closets R 4 Hangers!]

Jul 2017

Closets R 4 Hangers!

As a lil girl I always knew I liked girlz in a way that no1 would understand because it was different, growing up I volunteered at several lbgt spots just looking 4 answers. I was dating a guy for several years and eventually married him but deep in my heart I knew the truth..Summer of 2012 I decided I needed to find best friend at the time was a aggresor lesbian and long story short we works exploded “I am a Lesbian”..I remember going home and crying in bed I turned to him and said” I cant do this no more I am sorry I am a lesbian”..and surprisingly he said to me” I know”!!
Its been 5 years now we seperated however he has been my biggest supporter & today I am with my honey 2 years in October..we moved to Tampa to start a new life with our son.



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