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[Coming Out to My Crush]

Coming Out to My Crush

Here’s the backstory: Ever since I was young I always pictured myself with boys, you could say I was as straight as a line. But one day in 6th Grade I was in line with my best friend. She was so sweet and nice and was just an all around good person. That’s when I realized something that even surprised me. I totally got butterflies when I was around her and I thought she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen. I stared at her as she talked to me. I’m pretty sure I had my mouth open. When we went to lunch one day we sat down at our usual spot together. “Happy Pride Month.” She randomly said (it was around June 3rd), mind you I discovered I was bi a few months back. Did I make it that obvious that I liked her or something. Stupidly I asked her if she was gay, bi, etc. She said she was straight but she didn’t know yet. I waited a second. She seemed nice enough to tell. “I’m bi” I told her after hesitation. She was so supportive but I just couldn’t come to tell her I liked her. I moved on with my life and even started to like a boy. I wondered if it was just a phase. Nope! That summer when I hung out with her the same butterflies hit my tummy. To this day I still like her but am totally scared to tell her. I also am totally scared to tell my parents (Hardcore Christians). I don’t even know what to tell my grandma because every time we see a gay couple she turns to me and sticks her tongue out. It felt nice to come out, but I’m not sure how to tell my parents, please help.


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