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Coming Out

I was raised in the United Methodist Church. I was married and had a son. In 1984 at the age of 39, I went to college and then seminary. While in seminary in 1993 I fell in love with a woman. In 1994 I divorced my husband. J. and I had a long distant relationship […]

Rural Indiana, 18 years ago.

Growing up I suspected I was different when I was very young. I can remember vividly my dad mad over something trivial and screaming in my face til it was covered with his saliva and threatened me with death and to be buried in the back yard at age 7 after he had busted my […]

Black Boy Free: My Coming Out Story

Pierrot Obi, 25, singer-songwriter, London. I was born in Northern Italy, in Central Reggio Emilia; we moved to the very outskirts of Reggio when I was 8, to an in-the-middle-of-nowhere type of town called Campagnola Emilia; to this day, Campagnola is the place I call “hometown”. I’m the first of three, born in a very […]

Sep 2018

Out at Age 78

In and after high school I dated girls, and at about age 20 I entered a strict religious community and took vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. During those years I had doubts about my sexuality, but honored the vows. After leaving the community, a man whom I knew asked me if I was gay, […]

Coming Out to My Crush

Here’s the backstory: Ever since I was young I always pictured myself with boys, you could say I was as straight as a line. But one day in 6th Grade I was in line with my best friend. She was so sweet and nice and was just an all around good person. That’s when I […]

coming out

So I randomly decided to share my still not complete coming out story. When I was about 11 years old I was sitting next to a beautiful girl in french class. I live in Germany so if you don’t know that we have a few classes. I was in class 6e and that girl was […]

Shards of a young adult

As a young boy growing up in a very conservative, very baptist family, I was very aware of the stance my dad and brother had towards homosexuality, I knew from birth that God hated homosexuality, that it was an abomination, that it was punishable by death, these feelings were only supported by the gag-reflexes of […]

Sep 2017

Counting Christmases

I came of age and came out of the closet during the “Decade of Decadence”. Yes, the 1980s: cocaine, credit cards, bathhouses, designer jeans, Reagan, the gay cancer, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Act Up, fear, persecution, death and more death followed by more death, some more fear and countless funerals that added up so […]

Sep 2017

Life is So Much Brighter Outside of the Closet

So…no matter how much you’ve tried to deny it, you’ve come to the realization that you ARE gay. You’ve really known it for as long as you could remember, but hoped that it would magically go away or fix itself. This is how I felt when I was still in the closet. The thing is, […]

Jul 2017

From Fag Hag to Mom, a ’90’s kid comes out

I thought I would marry a prince, always waiting for my white knight to show up and whisk me away. But when my boyfriends kissed me, it didn’t feel like that moment in the movies; the ones with the fireworks and romantic music when the guy finally kisses the girl at the end. Instead it […]