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Shawn Coming Out
Apr 2017

Shawn’s Coming Out Story

I was 24 years old, and still in the Navy during the time of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” For many years, I was terrified of coming out, partly because of fear that I could get discharged from the Navy, but mostly of being ostracized and shamed by the people closest to me. When 9/11 happened, […]

Brian Coming Out
Apr 2017

Brian’s Official Coming Out Story

I was an early bloomer sexually fooling around with the neighbor boy when we were both 9-10 years old, but kept telling myself I was bisexual until I was 20 or so. I was always afraid of how my parents would react, thinking my Dad would be ok with it, and my Mother and her […]

Come Out St Pete Taste of Grand Central
Apr 2017

The Grand Central District looks to celebrate coming out this October with a new event

St. Petersburg – The Grand Central District Association announced plans for a series of events in St. Petersburg and Gulfport in October that will celebrate the LGBTQ community in the bay area in conjunction with National Coming Out Day Oct. 11. “We want to acknowledge the importance of coming out and celebrate it in St. Pete,” […]

Come Out St Pete
Mar 2017

Come Out St Pete Press Release 3-21-17

((03/21/2017)) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Shawn Connelly, 727-744-4037 Planning is underway for a new series of events in St. Petersburg and Gulfport in mid October that will celebrate “coming out of the closet and into the world” for the area’s burgeoning LGBTQ community. The new series of event is being planned under the name […]

Terry Coming Out
Mar 2017

Terry’s Coming Out Story

I was born in the early 60’s in rural Michigan. My first realization of being gay was one day on the Kindergarten school bus when a classmate whipped out his weewee (that’s what you call it when you are 6 years old). I liked what I saw! Taking showers in school was a torture trying […]